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Weekly Lottery Numbers

Wekly Lottery Numbers is a site that provides you with 1000 random digits for use in choosing your lottery quick picks or other randomizing data. Excerpts will be updated once a week, and the winning numbers for the previous week highlighted on this PAGE.

Humans are generally not very good at choosing random numbers. Surprisingly, neither are computers! A computer must begin with a random seed, otherwise it would choose the same sequence and digits every time. This sequence is an extract from the random digits produced in the first million digits of the value of pi, which is a true random distribution.

How to pick your numbers

Simply pull up the matrix and randomly pick any numbers which fit within the limits of the particular game you are playing. You can see on the Archive page the matching winning numbers for each week in two lotteries. It’s easy to win if you just pick the right ones!

For single digits, use either a single digit in the matrix, or a digit that is preceded with a zero. (Matching winning single digit numbers will always be selected with a preceding zero.)

Gaze at the screen and see which numbers “speak” to you

Print the matrix out and

close your eyes and use a pencil point to choose your numbers

sprinkle a little pepper on the sheet and see where the particles land

have your baby point to the numbers

If you want to get really random, choose your two-digit numbers by column rather than by row! The column lineup changes depending on how your browser window is sized.


New Numbers — Good luck!


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